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Origin and classification of painting equipment. Since the 1960s, due to the development of light industry, automated production lines first appeared in the bicycle manufacturing industry. During this period, the main task of my country's coating equipment was still anti-corrosion.

With the development of my country's economy and the development of foreign coating technology, my country's coating equipment technology has begun to develop rapidly through technology introduction and exchanges with foreign technology. Promotion and application, development and promotion of powder spraying technology, especially the vigorous development of home appliance industry, daily hardware, steel furniture, aluminum components, electrical products, automobile industry and other fields, have made significant progress and considerable progress in coating equipment development of.

Coating equipment can be divided into the following types according to the type of industry.

1. Coating equipment for automobiles and mechanical equipment: such as: dust-free paint spraying room, dust-free paint baking room, automobile coating line, automatic spray painting, automobile electrophoresis coating line;

2. Mobile phone shell, electrical shell coating equipment: such as: automatic UV spraying line, electrostatic coating line;

3. Wooden furniture, handicrafts, floor, wall panel painting equipment. Such as: primer sanding machine, roller coating machine, automatic painting line, electrostatic coating line, NC paint roller coating line, UV paint roller coating line, positive pressure clean room, dust-free paint baking room, water curtain spray booth, hanging line , vacuum grinding table, dust removal machine, curtain conveyor belt conveyor line, etc.;

4. Coating equipment for steel furniture and wrought iron handicrafts; such as: pre-treatment equipment, electrostatic coating line.

5. General coating industry equipment: line type painting machine, wooden door plate type reciprocating painting machine, five-axis multi-axis linear interpolation motion painting machine, four-axis, six-axis painting robot.