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What is the type/structure/connection steps of the spraying fixture chain?

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Types of chains

There are many types of chains, which can be divided into transmission chains, conveying chains, decorative chains, cable-tightening chains and special chains according to their uses. According to the structure of the chain: it can be divided into roller chain, sleeve chain, plate chain, nylon roller chain, scraper chain, sleeve chain and so on.

2: The structure of the chain

There are many types of chains, but their basic structure is only the following types, and the others are variations of these types. We can see from the above chain structures that most chains are composed of chain plates, chain pins, shaft sleeves and other components. Spraying jig chains to produce other types of chains is just to make different changes to the chain plate according to different needs. Some are equipped with a scraper on the chain plate, some are equipped with a guide bearing on the chain plate, and some are installed on the chain plate. The rollers, etc., are all modified for different applications.

When the upper chain is first produced, it is usually section by section, and it becomes a long chain after being connected. So how to connect the chain?

1. Prepare the pin, chain piece, split pin and all hand tools, complete labor insurance, and wear smartly.

2. First industrial chain put the two ends of the chain on the active and passive sprockets respectively, hang them, and then take out the hemp rope, pass one end of the rope through the second link of the chain from bottom to top, and then tie it with a head rope it is good.

3. Take the other end of the hemp rope from bottom to top and go through the second link at the other end of the chain, and then go around the chain link and pass through the third link at the end of the hemp rope from top to bottom (same row Chain), the hemp rope goes around the chain link, and then passes through the third chain link (different rehearsal strip) at the other end from bottom to top, connecting the two ends of the chain in series. It is not advisable to draw too much rope, usually three lines, to prevent difficulty in connecting the chain device.

Sprocket 4. Pull the hemp rope tightly to make the two ends of the chain butt together.

5. Take the chain linker and engage it on the two ends of the chain, adjust the adjusting screw of the chain linker, so that the first link at both ends of the chain is butted together.

6. Take the chain pin and insert it into the sleeve of the first link at both ends of the chain, align the chain inner piece, and align the links of the other row, and then evenly drive the chain pin into the inner chain piece with a hammer And in the sleeve, install the outer sheet and put on the split pin.

7. After the chain is connected, remove the chain connector, put it in place, then untie the hemp rope, and clean up the operation site.