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The service concept of Yongkang Gushan Quanying Hardware Factory:

Service quality includes not limited to the whole process of contact with customers. All British Hardware has defined itself as a service-oriented enterprise since 1999, and uses service to lead the overall situation. In sales, sales are understood as "providing users with value-added services", the quality concept of "the next process is the user" has been established in production, and the passive provision of after-sales has been transformed into an active reminder. For users 2 years ago, Quanying Hardware has kept in touch many times a year. In short, the service quality of a product is an emotional link that conveys other qualities to users.


Yongkang Gushan Quanying Hardware Factory promises:

1. Constantly improve the service consciousness of all employees, stand meticulously at the height of corporate social responsibility, clarify the company's business policies and goals, and spare no effort to organize and achieve this policy and goal.

2. Resolutely implement the quality control system, establish various management systems centered on quality, vigorously promote advanced and scientific quality management methods, establish a sound quality management system in accordance with the ISO9001 series of standards, and unswervingly implement the quality management principles, To meet the needs of consumers and continuously improve consumer satisfaction is the eternal quality pursuit of the enterprise.

3. From the point of view of everything for users, strengthen service awareness, improve service system, and improve service quality, always keep in mind that users are always our God, and insist on shaping the brand in consumers' minds with perfect quality.

4. Actively participate in quality-oriented enterprise activities, and consciously accept the supervision of dealers, consumers, society, government, and news and public opinion.

5. Strict self-discipline, publicize and implement the "Product Quality Law" and "Consumer Rights Protection Law", continuously strengthen employees' awareness of quality legal system, improve self-protection capabilities, and promote market standard competition.

Quanying Hardware mainly produces spray fixtures, coated chains, irons, shafts, paint barriers/paint barriers, painting fixtures, spray paint shrapnel, welcome to buy!