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Check before using coating equipment

Time:2024-03-01 Views:

For the use of painting equipment, a lot of requirements have been relaxed now, and professional personnel are no longer required to operate it. Ordinary people can also get the equipment and start using it. At the same time as this universality has been promoted, many equipment damage has also caused Users have sounded the alarm and must pay attention to the following points when using the device.

Airplane warm up

Every time you use the painting equipment, you should first turn on the empty machine to warm it up for a while. The specific method is to first check the continuity and cleaning of the entire machine, and then add lubricating oil, and then connect it. The power supply is tested in an empty machine. Generally, it takes about 20 minutes to judge the performance of the machine.

clean up after use

If you want to ensure the life and performance of the coating equipment, you must remember to clean it up in time every time you use it. You can first clean up from the inlet and near the nozzle, and then use a brush to remove some corners and crevices. powder, keeping the whole equipment in a clean state.