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Features of high-efficiency automatic spraying equipment

Time:2024-03-01 Views:

There are many types of spraying machines. Among them, the position of automatic spraying machines is particularly important. Next, let's talk about the characteristics of automatic spraying machines:

The automatic spraying machine is fully automatic spraying, with uniform strength, fast speed and high spraying efficiency, which reduces a lot of time and labor.

Features of automatic spraying machine equipment

1. Cooperate with workpiece rotating jig plate or table chain conveyor to obtain high-efficiency and high-quality products;

2. Spraying debugging is not simple. Generally, the debugging of the workpiece is completed within 15 minutes. The programming is based on a certain surface of the workpiece as a whole program segment, which avoids the cumbersome program list in the past;

3. Completely digitized computer operation, can memorize and store data parameters, and humanized graphic display interface;

Fourth, the automatic paint spraying machine has a wide range of uses, strong applicability, strong professional spraying pertinence, high output, and can achieve high-quality and high-efficiency spraying.