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Maintenance of automatic coating equipment

Time:2024-06-14 Views:

This article mainly introduces the maintenance of automatic coating equipment. If you are interested in it, you can take a look.

Wipe the surface of the coating equipment clean to protect the surface paint of the equipment. The air inlet filter, filter cotton and filter are dust-blowing and clean and hygienic, and replace damaged and aging ones.

Lubricating oil for sliding guide rails and sliding blocks of coating equipment, adjusting gongs, gong rods, gear racks and sprocket chains, lubricating oil, lubricating oil for bearings with lubricating nozzles, and checking for any abnormalities in all parts of the cylinder Phenomenon, whether each connection part is loose or not, add lubricating oil to the movable part of the cylinder pin-mounted cylinder. Check whether the sensors are loose and fasten them in time.

The oil supply pump of the painting equipment is rinsed repeatedly with thinner, then the filter screen and the filter are removed for cleaning, and the damaged filter screen and filter are replaced.

Adjust the oil volume of the spray gun to the maximum, first rinse repeatedly with thinner, and then remove the nozzle cover and nozzle nozzle for cleaning (after cleaning, put the nozzle and nozzle cover back into the spray gun).

When cleaning the oil pump and spray gun of the painting equipment, connect all the oil pipes and clean them at the same time. After the cleaning is completed, open the oil return valve to discharge the pressure of the oil pipe, and replace the deformed or aging oil pipe.

Check the air compressors, dryers, gas storage tanks, gas supply pipelines and oil-water separators of the coating equipment to eliminate air leakage and perform drainage treatment. Check whether the connecting part of the trachea is loose, and replace it in time if there is any loose or aging joints.

Blow soot and clean the cooling fan and filter of the electric cabinet of the painting equipment, and replace the damaged and aging filters and filters. Check the inlets of the electrical cabinet and equipment. Note that the electrical components in the electrical cabinet cannot be blown directly with an air gun or air pipe. You can use a small brush and a rag to clean up the dust. When there is no electricity for a long time, each sub-switch needs to be closed one by one, and the outer surface of the electric cabinet is protected by moisture-proof and waterproof treatment.

The above is the relevant knowledge of coating equipment compiled for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.