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Wide application management program for spraying jigs

Time:2024-04-24 Views:

In the technical field of spraying jigs, it specifically refers to an automatic spraying jig for laminating two-layer substrates. It is achieved by the following technical solution: the automatic spraying jig includes a first substrate unwinding device for placing a first substrate, a glue spreading device, and a second substrate unwinding device for placing a second substrate And the preheating, conveying, heating and pressing bonding device, the preheating, conveying, heating and pressing bonding device includes a motor, a heating wheel driven by the motor, and a pressing wheel, wherein the heating wheel is formed on the circumference of the heating wheel. Conveying area and pressure bonding area, where the pressure roller is located at the periphery of the pressure bonding area; the substrate placed on the first substrate unwinding device passes through the gluing device and enters the drying heating on the circumferential surface of the heating wheel The conveying zone passes between the pressure roller and the heating roller under the transportation of the heating big wheel and the second substrate. The utility model has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, the entire process is compact, and has the advantages of saving space.

The automatic spraying fixture is mainly designed for the production characteristics of small displays and small touch components. It is one of the necessary equipment for liquid crystal display production. It is used in the post-process production of liquid crystal display. Polarizers are attached to the front and back of the formed liquid crystal glass substrate according to the polarization angle. It is also suitable for various combination processes of touch components and window protection. It can complete the pressure-sensitive bonding of film/film.film/B glass substrate, spraying fixture program film to acrylic panel and other different materials, with high efficiency , Convenient alignment, high product yield and other advantages. It overcomes the shortcomings of bubbles, wrinkles, halo rings, water lines, etc. generated during manual bonding. While improving the intensity of manual labor, it also gets rid of the excessive dependence on the proficiency of personnel. The equipment is equipped with a multi-directional fine-tuning device, which is suitable for products of different shapes. With special spraying jigs, it can also fit products with irregular shapes such as arcs and diamonds. The upper and lower platforms are vacuum suctioned, equipped with international famous brand pneumatic components, precision lead screws and famous brand motors. The spraying jig is used for precise movement under the command of the central PLC. It is a powerful helper in the production process of optical products such as small modules and touch components.