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Design analysis and precautions of spraying jig conveyor chain

Time:2023-06-10 Views:

The frame is usually welded by section steel. The chain conveyor equipment uses the chain as the main working part. The chain is the main body of the load, and the chain is a flexible structure. Therefore, the chain of the load bearing part must be supported by the support rail to make the chain carry as a rigid structure; when there is a droop on the structure When the chain is loose, due to the large weight of the chain, in order to reduce the tension of the loose edge, increase the service life of the chain and reduce the power capacity of the drive device, and at the same time, to avoid interference between the chain and the frame during operation, the loose edge must also be designed Support track; the support track is often made of wear-resistant and wear-reducing materials with a certain strength.

Due to the polygonal effect of the chain drive, when the structure of the spray jig needs to be driven by the chain step by step (power raceway line), the number of sprocket teeth between stages should be the same, so that the transmission ratio between them is 1 to avoid creeping phenomenon. When the equipment is composed of two equipments with roughly the same structure, the two equipments should be driven by their respective driving devices. Do not use one driving device to drive the two devices, so as to avoid the polygonal effect of the chain, which will make the operation of the equipment obvious. Creeping phenomenon (such as the high and low lines of the bridge car assembly line are driven by their respective driving devices). In order to meet different production rhythms, the operation mode of the industrial chain conveying equipment can be designed into synchronous and non-synchronous.

The so-called synchronous type means that the conveying equipment runs at a fixed beat at a certain speed within a certain speed range; the non-synchronous type means that the workpiece on the conveying equipment can be stopped and reset on the conveying line according to the requirements of the station. . When the conveying mode is non-synchronous, the interception device and the release device after interception have various structures, which can be purely mechanical, or gas or liquid linked with electrical appliances. No matter what structure is used, the design should be reasonable , Reliable, can meet the requirements of product assembly process, it is the difficult point of the conveyor equipment design sprocket, is the core technology.

1. Regularly check the operation and lubrication of the chain. If inferior lubricating oil is used, the Dongguan mesh belt production should promptly clean up the residues blocking the chain and the powder entering the chain.

2. The worn out elbow should be replaced in time.

3. Pay attention to the actual temperature of the oven, and do not allow the chain to run for a long time beyond the normal operating temperature.

4. The chain cannot run in a twisted environment.

5. Complicated operating environment and small turning radius can damage and deform the chain, and it will wear out faster when lifting, so the rationality of its operation should be considered when designing.