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The use and maintenance of spraying jigs and chains

Time:2024-04-24 Views:

Here is an introduction to the use and maintenance of the chain:

1. Because it is impossible to understand the planning and function of the machine (especially a new operator), the chain is simple because of operating errors that cause shortcomings, and even cause mechanical troubles. Therefore, the operator should withstand exercises and teachings, fully understand the planning and function of the machine, and obtain a certain degree of operation and maintenance experience before operating the machine. The product operation and maintenance manual supplied by the manufacturer is the necessary information for the operator to operate the equipment. Before the chain operates the machine, the spraying fixture must first read the operation and maintenance manual, and operate and maintain according to the manual.

2. Pay attention to the operating load during the running-in period. Generally, the operating load during the running-in period should not exceed 80% of the rated operating load, and an appropriate amount of work should be arranged to prevent the appearance of overheating caused by the continuous operation of the machine for a long time.

3. Pay attention to the chain to check all the surface instructions frequently. If there is any abnormality, the car should be parked and cleaned in time. If the cause is not found, the shortcomings are not cleaned, and the operation should be interrupted.

4. The chain should always check the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, industrial chain brake fluid and fuel oil (water) level and quality, and pay attention to checking the tightness of the whole machine. Excessive oil and water shortage was found during the inspection, and the reason should be analyzed.

1. Clean your chain after each ride, especially in rainy and humid environments.

2. Be careful to use a dry cloth to wipe the chain and its accessories.

3. If necessary, Dongguan mesh belt production can use an old toothbrush to clean the gaps between the chains.

4. Also don't forget to clean the front derailleur and rear shift guide wheel.

5. Use a brush to remove the sprocket sand and dirt accumulated between the chains, if necessary, use warm soapy water to assist.

6. Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning agents (such as rust remover), because these chemicals will cause chain damage or even breakage.

7. Never use a chain washer with added solvent to clean the chain, this cleaning method will definitely damage the chain.

8. Avoid using organic solvents such as scouring oil, which will not only damage the environment but also wash off the lubricating oil in the bearing parts.

9. Clean your chain after each ride, especially in rainy and humid environments.