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Common defects and corrective measures of spraying jigs

Time:2024-04-24 Views:

One: Air lines of spraying fixture: Irregular blocks appear on the coating surface, most of which are round, the color is darker than other parts, and the surface is rough.

Reason: The air in the mold is not completely eliminated during forming. Spraying jigs causes the surface density of the material to be inconsistent, resulting in air lines.

Spraying fixture countermeasures:

1. Increase mold thickness or reduce oven temperature.

2. Sanding the air pattern part. It reduces the difference with other parts.

3. Switch to open oil with lower dissolving power

2: Spraying fixture burnt/bite material:

1: There are cracks on the surface, like traces that have not been left by paint after brushing

2: There is a bright print, such as a thimble is shiny and raised.

Reasons for spraying fixtures:

1: The oven temperature is too high.

2: The boiling point of boiling oil and water is too low and there is no time to react.

3: The resin content in the paint is too high.

4: The material is added to the industrial chain with too much nozzle material.

Spraying fixture countermeasures;

1: Reduce the baking temperature and its natural play.

2: Add slow-drying water or replace boiling water with lower solubility.

3: Adjust the paint ratio to increase the resin content.

4: No spout material or less spout material in the material.

Three: The surface of the spraying jig is rough: the surface is rough. The hand feel is not delicate and the surface has small particles of paint.

Reason: The paint concentration is too high.

2: The proportion of the sprocket paint is not suitable, which causes the resin and pigment to not completely dissolve.

3: The spray gun is not adjusted to the best state. (If the air pressure is too high, the oil volume is too small)

4: The product has been reworked too many times. The coating film is too thick.

Countermeasures: 1: reduce paint concentration

2: Reasonably adjust the paint ratio to allow the solvent to completely dissolve.

3: Pay attention to the adjustment of spray gun air pressure, amplitude, and oil volume.

4: For heavy work, the paint should be thinned out.

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